Pimp Her Ass Out – Ariel Anderssen


Pimp Her Ass Out starring Ariel Anderssen
Beautiful Ariel is at her best in this wickedly hot scene! Ariel, in sharp gray business suit with pantyhose and heels, is a social worker sent to deal with a troubled (and creepy) young man, Dave. But Dave has a plan…he will kidnap Ariel and offer her body to local deviants so that he can earn money to pay back a loan shark. When Ariel least expects it, Dave knocks her out with chloroform. When Ariel awakens, she is securely bound with plenty of rope. She is both terrified and indignant, demanding, then pleading to be released. Dave responds by gagging his captive with cloth packing and wrapping shiny tape around her mouth. Ariel can only whimper through the gag as Dave gropes her luscious body. But he is not satisfied. He partially unties Ariel and uses a scissors to cut her blouse open so he can fondle her bare tits. Later, the loan shark shows up and gets his share of fondling, which includes cutting open her pantyhose and grabbing her ass, before blindfolding Ariel and leaving her bound, humiliated and terrified.  Ariel, now untied, is forced to strip naked. She ends up securely restrained with leather straps all over her body, including one pulled between her legs. Sadistic Jack shows up and torments Ariel endlessly. He puts a ballgag in her mouth then he gropes and plays with her body and tits. He spanks her and smacks her with a riding crop. Worst of all, he frightens and intimidates her, whispering evil threats into her ear. The scene is quite harrowing and Jack is a great villain. When he is done, Jack puts a spandex hood over Ariels head and leaves her for the night. The next day, Ariel is in hot red lingerie and stockings. She is restrained with straps and a tape gag. She endures some more fondling and humiliation from both Dave and the loan shark. But, Ariel has a plan of her own and the story comes to a startling conclusion! The lengthy outtakes include tons of footage of Ariel being bound and talking about bondage in her sexy voice with proper British accent. Scene #BG0452

37 minutes. The outtakes are 16 minutes. The photo set contains 139 photos. MP4 640×480

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