Personal Sleepy Show with Charlotte and Chrissy


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Personal Sleepy Show with Charlotte and Chrissy starring Charlotte Stokely and Chrissy Marie
Two incredibly hot girls give you a limp show in lingerie in this erotic POV scene! The girls are hanging out, showing off their extremely sexy new lingerie. They put it on because they found some fetish magazines in your room and they want to tease you. They also found some chloroform videos and are intrigued by the idea. When you (their roommate) come home, the girls start teasing you immediately, modeling their lingerie and showing you their stocking feet. You tell them you want them to experience your other fetish and they agree. Charlotte gets the chloroform from under your bed, soaks a cloth and teases you while she knocks out Chrissy. Once Chrissy is limp, you want more and Charlotte is happy to provide it by fondling her sleeping friend. She teases you while she takes of Chrissy’s bra and gropes her tits. And, she can’t resist playing with Chrissy’s cute feet. When Chrissy awakens, you decide that Charlotte should go next. Chrissy soaks the cloth and chloroforms Charlotte. She removes her bra and plays with her limp body. She drives you crazy by playing with Charlotte’s luscious feet. When Charlotte awakens, you ask them to knock each other out. Excited, the girls soak 2 cloths and put each other to sleep. But first, Chrissy tells you that you can do anything you want once they’re out. This is an extremely hot video! Shot with an excellent camera, it looks great and Charlotte and Chrissy are adorable and enticing throughout! Scene #KOB0678

27 minutes. 1920×1080.

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