Personal Slave Trainer – Diana Grace and Jolene Hexx



Personal Slave Trainer starring Diana Grace and Jolene Hexx

The girls look hot in their work out clothes in this sexy sleepy/bondage scene! Jolene has been kidnapping personal trainers to sell them as sex slaves! In Clip 1, she’s excited when gorgeous trainer Diana arrives. Diana tries to teach Jolene some exercises but Jolene keeps grabbing Diana’s luscious body. She gives Diana some drugged water. Diana slowly starts to fall asleep, her eyes fluttering, but keeps trying to work out. As Diana gets weaker and more tired, Jolene gropes her even more. She taunts Diana, telling her what will happen to her. When Diana tries to crawl away, Jolene spanks her ass and drags her to the sofa. She puts Diana over her lap and gropes her beautiful ass. Again Diana tries to escape. Jolene soaks a cloth in chloroform and knocks Diana out. A couple minutes of great outtakes are included with Clip 1. In Clip 2, Diana awakens bound and gagged. Jolene enters and starts groping and taunting her captive. She pulls up Diana’s top and gropes her tasty tits then pulls off Diana’s socks and leggings. She gropes Diana all over, giving special attention to her ass. In a really hot scene, Jolene pulls off Diana’s gag, puts a leash on her and makes her suck a thick dildo. Totally humiliated, Diana does as she is told. When Jolene is satisfied, she gags Diana again and torments her with chloroform, applying the cloth and pulling it away. Diana’s eyes roll back. Jolene puts a mask on Diana with the chloroformed cloth in it. Diana struggles helplessly until she passes out. HD MP4 1920×1080. Clip 1 is 24 minutes (1.4 GB). Clip 2 is 21 minutes (842 MB).  Scene #KOB0751
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