Perfumed Pillow Playtime – Jolene Hexx and Sablique Von Lux



Perfumed Pillow Playtime starring Jolene Hexx and Sablique Von Lux

The girls give incredible performances in this erotic knock out scene! Jolene has just gotten a new roommate, Sablique.  The girls chat and Jolene gets uncomfortable when Sablique starts flirting with her and touching her body. Jolene goes to bed, unaware that Sablique has doused her pillows with sleepy liquid. As she breathes the fumes, Jolene gets very sleepy. She sits up a few times and tries to wake up but then falls back to her pillow. She puts up a good fight but eventually her eyes flutter and she goes to sleep. Sablique can’t wait to get her hands on Jolene.  She gropes and manipulates her limp roomie’s luscious body. When Jolene awakens, Sablique holds the pillow over her face, putting her back to sleep.  After more groping… which includes particular attention to Jolene’s beautiful ass…Sablique leaves her friend resting comfortably on the bed. Jolene wakes up frightened and Sablique comforts her. Later, Jolene watches tv on the couch, unaware that her devious roommate has soaked those pillows as well.  With much struggling and eye fluttering, Jolene goes to sleep.  Sablique enjoys Jolene’s limp body again, groping, licking and manipulating her. Jolene awakens and is quickly put back to sleep with the pillow.  After some more groping, Jolene awakens so Sablique uses the pillow one more time to subdue Jolene. 33 minutes. Scene #KOB0749

MP4 HD 1920×1080 1.6GB

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