Penny Flame Knocked Out Collection


Penny Flame Knocked Out Collection
An assortment of clips and photos featuring one of our hottest models knocked out! You’ll get:

KOB0007 Knock Knock Knock Out starring Amber Michaels and Penny Flame
Sultry vixen Amber is lounging at home when naive make-up salesgirl Penny knocks on her door. Amber invites her in and starts to get frisky, but when she sees that her lusty advances toward the innocent cutie are unwelcome, she decides to use chloroform to get her way. After she knocks Penny out, Amber fondles and molests her limp body. She removes Pennys shoes to kiss her stocking feet, then removes Pennys dress to caress her tender, young flesh. Once Amber has got Penny completely naked, she removes her own top to rub her voluptuous tits against Pennys hot body. This is an incredibly erotic scene! The scene is 12 minutes. The photo set contains 63 photos.

KOB0008 Dangerous Knowledge starring Amber Michaels and Penny Flame
Super cutie Penny has discovered a huge bookkeeping error at her company and she makes the mistake of telling her boss, Mr. Steele. Once he learns she is savvy to his criminal exploits, he has no choice but to chloroform her. She puts up a fierce struggle but eventually succumbs to the drug and passes out in Steele’s arms. Just as he is carrying her limp body away, Penny’s coworker Amber comes in. Steele must also chloroform the sexy blonde before she gets wise to his devious activities. He carries both girls out of the office and smuggles them to his house. He places their lifeless bodies on his couch and soon Penny starts to wake up. She stumbles around confused for awhile before Steele sneaks up behind her and knocks her out with a club. Amber wakes up next and has to be disposed of in the same brutal manner. The girls are both unconscious again, sprawled out helplessly on dastardly Steele’s floor. The scene is 9 minutes. The photo set contains 100 photos.

KOB0009 Knock Out Friends starring Amber Michaels and Penny Flame
Penny and Amber, two smoking hot roommates, are on the couch discussing a wild new drug that Penny’s discovered…..chloroform! After some persuasion, Penny convinces her reluctant friend to try it. Amber holds a chloroform-soaked cloth against her own face until she’s rendered unconscious. Instead of knocking herself out too, Penny flashes a devilish grin! She strips and fondles Ambers succulent, limp body. She pulls up Ambers dress and discovers that her saucy roommate is not wearing any panties. When Amber comes to, it is Penny’s turn. She knocks herself out and Amber pounces on top of her lifeless body, stripping off Penny’s clothes so she can molest and lick her supple tits and smooth, tan skin. The scene is 11.5 minutes. The photo set has 57 photos.

KOB0017 Penny Knocks Out Charlie starring Charlie Laine and Penny Flame
This short knock out features two of the cutest models ever to grace Anton Productions. Charlie comes down the stairs in a white sweater and short white skirt. Sexy and sinister Penny Flame is hiding like a stealthy panther. Penny pounces on Charlie, forcing the chloroform soaked cloth against her face. Charlie struggles with great might, but Penny is too wily for her and soon her eyes are fluttering back in her head. Her struggling subsides as she slips into unconsciousness there in Penny’s cruel arms. Penny lets Charlie’s lifeless body fall to the cold, hard floor with a peel of scornful laughter. The scene is 1.5 minutes. The photo set contains 37 photos.

KOB0031 Sleepy Slumber Party starring Penny Flame and Darby
Penny is lying in bed in a super hot, see-through nightie when her friend Darby brings her a drink. The two cuties sit on the bed and gossip as the secret drug Darby slipped into Penny’s drink slowly takes effect. Penny becomes sluggish and disoriented and can barely hold her eyes open. Darby starts to gently caress her sexy friend as Penny slips into unconsciousness. Once Penny is unconscious and sprawled on the bed, Darby manipulates her limp limbs and strips her naked. Then Darby pulls some stockings out of her drawer and uses them to bind Penny to the bedframe. She ties Penny spread eagle, fully exposing her succulent tits and sweet pussy. Darby fondles Penny’s gorgeous body until Penny wakes up, and then she chloroforms her back into unconsciousness. Penny mumbles unintelligibly into the chloroform rag as her eyes roll up into her head. The scene is 15.5 minutes. The photo set contains 67 photos.

49 total minutes of 640×480 video, 324 photos. Collections #PKKOB0020

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