Pantyhose Sex Slaves – Bella Ink, Danni Rivers, Jolene Hexx


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Pantyhose Sex Slaves starring Bella Ink, Danni Rivers, and Jolene Hexx
Two hot girls squirm in pantyhose bondage in this sexy damsel clip! In Clip 1, Jolene tells her customer on the phone that 2 of her friends from work are coming over. She plans to capture them and tie them up. When Bella and Danni arrive, Jolene starts to tell them about a business opportunity. But then reveals that she plans to sell the girls as slaves to a nylon-loving female client. Jolene orders Bella to tie up Danni, then she ties up Bella. Jolene removes her boots and sticks her smelly socks in the girls faces. Despite their pleading, Jolene stuff the socks in the girls’ mouths and wraps white tape around their heads. The girls whimper in terror as their former friend torments them, putting her stocking feet all over them and telling them about their future lives in slavery. Left alone, the girls struggle to get free. They slide their shoes off, giving you some nice views of their feet. They even try using their feet to get each other’s gags off. When nothing works, the girls try to hop away but are quickly caught by Jolene. In Clip 2, Jolene makes Danni and Bella strip to their pantyhose as punishment. The girls are tied and tape-gagged with their feet tied in each other’s faces. The girls struggle but can not escape. Later, the girls are tied up and Jolene tapes their mouths again. The buyer arrives and Jolene shows her the merchandise. She gropes and humiliates the girls before taking them away to start their new life. This is a really hot scene with great performances by all the girls. The outtakes feature alternate angles of the action from a second camera, plus fun interviews with the girls. 35 minutes. Scene #BG0832

The full scene is 35 minutes – HD 1.5GB or SD 731MB. Clip 1 is 18 minutes – HD 775MB or SD 365MB. Clip 2 is 17 minutes – HD 679MB or SD 340MB. Outtakes are 24 minutes – HD 909MB or SD 481MB.

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