P.I. in Pantyhose Peril – Bella Ink


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P.I. in Pantyhose Peril starring Bella Ink
Sexy private detective Bella is caught snooping around a criminal’s home. He ties her up with shiny red tape, packs her mouth and gags her with more tape. Looking incredibly hot in a short skirt, blouse, shiny pantyhose and heels, Bella struggles hard to free herself. She slides her shoes off, giving you some great views of her stocking feet. She tries to hop away but the villain catches her. Next, Bella is seated on a sink in the bathroom. She’s bound with rope and gagged with a shiny cloth. She struggles hard and gives you some nice views of her ample cleavage. She hops out of the bathroom and slides down to the floor so she can try to crawl away. But, she’s caught again. She ends up in just her hot pantyhose, bound on a bed and gagged with cloth. Despite her intense struggling, Bella can’t free herself. She whimpers in fear as the bad guy tells her he’s taking her for a ride. 30 minutes. Scene #BG0865

HD MP4 1920×1080 (1.1GB)

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