Overpowered and Bound starring Sinn Sage



Overpowered and Bound starring Sinn Sage
A really exciting scene featuring excellent performances from Sinn and scary villain Drake. Sinn is talking to her friend on the phone. She tells her about a creepy guy at work who was bothering her and she got him fired. She’s unaware that the guy has snuck into the house and soaked a washcloth in chloroform. Sinn exits and the guy hides. When she returns, he emerges from his hiding place and slowly sneaks up on Sinn. He clasps the cloth over her face and grabs her tightly. She struggles like crazy but the drug is too strong. Sinn’s eyes roll back and she passes out in the villain’s arms. He puts her on the floor and ties her up with rope. Sinn awakens fully bound with tape wrapped around her mouth. She struggles but can’t free herself. She hops to the kitchen, grabs a knife and frees herself. Before she can even take the gag off her mouth, the intruder grabs her and knocks her out again. Sinn is dragged away. She awakens naked and tied to a chair with her captor standing behind her. When she tries to scream, he slaps some duct tape over her mouth. After some brief but creepy fondling, he leaves her to struggle. After a while, Sinn manages to free herself and heads for the door. But when she opens it, the guy rushes in, pushes her against a wall and, with one arm outstretched, he chloroforms her. She fights, landing several kicks on punches, but the guy is too big for her. She passes out and her limp body slides down the wall to the floor. She awakens bound spread-eagled on the bed, her mouth gagged with cloth. She struggles as the guy stands nearby watching her. While Sinn watches in terror, he soaks a cloth in chloro. In a particularly hot scene, he straddles her and applies the cloth. Sinn fights him but soon her eyes roll and she passes out. About a minute of outtakes are included. Scene #KOTI0219
35 minutes. 1280×680. The photo set has 139 photos.

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