Outrageous Three-Girl Fuckfest – Daisy, Riley, Sinn

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Outrageous Three-Girl Fuckfest starring Daisy Marie, Riley Shy, Sinn Sage.
Sinn and Daisy are girlfriends, but the spark has gone out of their sex life since Sinn became an uptight, work-a-holic. Sinn is taking a steamy shower, lathering her pert tits and firm ass. She calls her gorgeous girlfriend in to wash her back and then snaps at her when Daisy tries to get frisky. Sinn comes home from work that evening to find that Daisy has picked up hot and horny Riley at a bar. Sinn’s appalled at the idea of a threesome, but as she watches Daisy and Riley get it on, she cant resist getting turned on, too. Daisy and Riley strip naked and kiss each others delicious bodies while Sinn tries to ignore them. Soon, her arousal is too much to suppress, and Sinn starts to touch herself while she watches the lascivious vixens make out. Then Daisy pushes Riley back on the couch and spreads her pink, shaved pussy open. She rubs Riley’s clit with her fingers and licks her with her tongue. Then Riley eats Daisy’s tight, hot cunt while they taunt Sinn. Sinn gets too horny to resist any longer, so she grabs two dildos and throws herself in the pile of writhing lesbian flesh. First, she eats Rileys pussy while Daisy sucks on Riley’s tits. Then Sinn gets both girls spread on the couch before her so she can fuck them simultaneously with the toys. She fucks them hard until they cum, and then they lick the hot pussy juice off the dildos. Sinn gets naked on the dining room table, and Daisy and Riley have her for dinner! Riley kisses her while Daisy eats her smooth, pink pussy. Riley straddles Sinn’s face before she goes down on Sinn. The three outrageously horny hotties keep changing positions until they have all tasted each other’s succulent cunts and cum over and over. The girls move onto the floor, and Daisy and Sinn eat Riley’s wet pussy while she eats Sinn. Then Sinn goes down on Daisy, creating a ring of salacious sluts who are giving and getting head all at the same time. it is one of the most wildly erotic things we have ever seen! For their next astonishing cunt stunt, Riley fucks Daisy and Sinn with a monstrous, double-ended dildo. She thrusts it back and forth between their dripping wet pussies until they are screaming in orgasmic ecstasy. The hotties end their lesbian fuckfest with a long, passionate group kiss. Scene #GG0004
MP4 640×480.
35 minutes.  The photo set has 247 photos.

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