Out for the Night, In for the Night – Rachel Adams



Out for the Night, In for the Night starring Rachel Adams

Cute Rachel gets ready for a night out, unaware that a mysterious intruder has sneaked in and is soaking a cloth. When Rachel goes to leave, the creep pounces and clasps the cloth over her face. Rachel struggles hard but soon her body goes limp in the villain’s arms. He drags her to the sofa and enjoys groping and manipulating her body. He pulls her dress off, leaving her in just her pantyhose. Rachel awakens and tries to stagger away. The intruder grabs her and uses the cloth again. When Rachel goes limp, the guy plops her on the bed and Pulls off her pantyhose. Rachel wakes up but the guy grabs the cloth and puts her to sleep again. Later, Rachel awakens just slightly and finds herself sitting on the bed with her pantyhose over her head and a cloth over her mouth and nose. Rachel is too weak to pull it off. The villain sits next to her and tells her he’ll be staying awhile. 20 minutes. Scene #KOB0688


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