Out for Dinner – Star Nine



Out for Dinner starring Star
Star’s boyfriend Tim tells her about a new drug. It’s a virtual reality drug that makes you experience anything you want. They decide to take it. Star’s eyes roll back and she quickly passes out. That is the only knock out in this scene. The rest is manipulation and fondling. Tim thinks he is on a date with Star. He picks her up and calls for a taxi. He sits her down on the couch, thinking he’s in the taxi. He plays with Star’s face and does some eye checks. Then, he carries her over his shoulder to the “restaurant”. He sits her down at the kitchen table. He feeds her and gives her some wine, holding a glass to her unresponsive lips. He undresses her and plays with her some more. He doesn’t want her to get food on her so he ties her pantyhose around her neck like a bib. Star is dragged to the kitchen and placed on top of the dishwasher for some more groping, face manipulation and eye checks. She’s carried in his arms back to the living room and laid on the table. After more manipulation, Tim holds star against him and dances with her. Star is carried to the bathroom where Tim pretends to put make up on her and then to the bed for some sexy fondling. Later, Star is awake and tells Tim she doesn’t remember anything. About 3 minutes of outtakes are included. Scene #KOB0578
36 minutes. 1280×680 The photo set has 80 photos.

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