Office Space – Lexi Belle and Celeste Star


Office Space starring Lexi Belle and Celeste Star
Celeste is irritated to discover that Lexi has gotten a promotion at the office. So she chloroforms her former friend as she sits in her new office chair. She then fondles and manipulates Lexi’s limp body. She strips her naked for more intimate fondling. Lexi awakens and Celeste quickly slaps the cloth over her mouth and knocks her out again. Lexi wakes up and realizes what happened so she grabs the chloroform cloth and waits. When Celeste returns, Lexi pounces on her and knocks her out. Lexi strips Celeste naked and plays with her lifeless body. She even takes photos of herself with Celeste, before leaving her to be found by her co-workers. The outtakes contain some excellent footage of the girls knocking each other out. Scene #KOB0468
24 minutes. The outtakes are 3 minutes. The photo set contains 113 photos. MP4 HD 1280×680

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