Office Girls for Ransom – Diana Grace and Alana Cruise



Office Girls for Ransom starring Diana Grace and Alana Cruise
Two hot brunettes are held for ransom! Diana and Alana go to a remote location for a business opportunity. Diana is the daughter of a rich executive and the girls realize they’re being kidnapped for ransom. The girls are bound and gagged and left on the floor. They struggle hard but can’t free themselves. Sliding off their high heels, they squirm in their stocking feet. Diana tries to hop away but the kidnapper catches her. The girls are then tied in a small closet, their hands cuffed to a bar. They whimper in fear as they struggle. Later, the girls are told that the ransom is paid…but they’re not being released.  Instead, the humiliated girls are made to strip to their pantyhose. Bound with tape, they are left to struggle hopelessly. The fun outtakes, which are sold separately, feature some nice shots of the girls being tied and talking about bondage. But a lot of it is non-bondage foot and pantyhose shots. The scene is 22 minutes. Outtakes are 14 minutes. Scene #BG0853

HD MP4 1920×1080
Scene – 839MB
Outtakes – 563MB

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