Office Discipline – Cory Lane, Andrea Neal, Nina Neon


Office Discipline starring Cory Lane, Andrea Neal and Nina Neon
The worlds hottest CEO Cory Lane calls her sexy employee Nina in to reprimand and discipline her for being such a trashy pantyhose slut. Nina is indeed wearing some very attractive tan pantyhose under her skirt. Cory feels up Nina’s tasty body then orders her to kneel and rub Cory’s feet. Cory then strips off all of Nina’s clothes except her pantyhose and caresses her ass and legs. Nina is very humiliated but she wants to keep her job so she does as she is told. She is ordered to strip off Cory’s clothes and put a different pair of nylons on Cory’s gorgeous legs. Cory calls pretty office babe Andrea in and has her assist in the discipline. She has Andrea gag Nina with pantyhose, then makes Nina strip Andrea down to her panties and put a pair of white sheer nylons on her. Then they make Nina worship and kiss Andreas lovely stocking feet. Later, Nina’s tied, bent over with her hot ass sticking out. Andrea and Cory tease her and grope her sensually… A few seconds of outtakes conclude this erotic scene. 38 minutes. Scene #FTPH0024

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