Office Damsel Fantasies – Diana Grace, Jolene Hexx



Office Damsel Fantasies starring Jolene Hexx and Diana Grace
2 hot girls in 2 hot stories! Diana and Jolene look incredible bound and gagged in sexy office attire! In the first story, Jolene discovers that some company money is missing. When confronted about it, Diana knocks Jolene out with a club to the head. Jolene awakens tied up and Diana taunts her before silencing her with a cloth gag. Left alone, Jolene struggles. She slides out of her shoes and tries to use the heels to untie herself. But, Diana returns and gropes her helpless co-worker. She calls her accomplice and cruelly discusses Jolene’s fate. In the second story, the girls are excited about the success of their company and are terrified when a criminal arrives to steal their money. Diana and Jolene are bound with rope and gagged with microfoam tape. They struggle hard but can’t get loose. Diana takes off her shoes and uses her bare feet to pull off Jolene’s gag. Once both girls are ungagged, they find themselves getting turned on by their struggling. When Diana frees herself, she takes the opportunity to grope her sexy co-worker! A couple of minutes of outtakes are included. 26 minutes. Scene #BG0845

Available in MP4
HD – 1920×1080 – 980MB

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