Obsessed With Her Hair – Celeste Star


Obsessed With Her Hair starring Celeste Star
Celeste is chloroformed by a guy who is obsessed with her hair in these 3 short stories. The knock out scenes are fairly mild, as if Celeste does not particularly mind being knocked out. First, Celeste, looking lovely in just a loose white shirt, is chloroformed on the couch. Once she is unconscious, the guy sniffs and plays with her hair. She awakens and is quickly knocked out again. Next, she is a nurse in a short white dress. The guy sneaks in and chloroforms her, then smells and strokes her hair. She wakes up groggy and is quickly put back to sleep. Later, Celeste is a model who is hired to do chloroform videos. In a white satin slip, she does 2 practice tries before the guy actually soaks the cloth in chloroform and knocks her out. After more hair-sniffing, Celeste wakes up on the guys lap and is chloroformed again. Scene #KOB0461
28 minutes. The photo set contains 157 photos. MP4 HD 1200×670

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