Nylon Seduction – Stacy Burke and Nina Neon


Nylon Seduction starring Stacy Burke and Nina Neon
Blonde seductress Stacy Burke is a domineering boss with a hidden crush on her new assistant, Nina, a temp worker.  Stacy is in her bedroom getting dressed and putting on her new sheer black thigh highs. She thinks aloud about the plans she has in store for Nina. If Nina really wants to succeed at this company, she is going to have to give her the kind of attention only another woman can give! Later Stacy has Nina in her office and she offers her a permanent position with the company, but there is a catch. Nina must give her the extra attention she feels she deserves for dealing with so much stress in her corporate life. Stacy openly discusses her fetish for stockings and makes Nina uncomfortable, rubbing her tan stockings. Nina does not want to be her little slave but Stacy makes it clear that if she does not do as she says, she will report her insubordinate behavior to the temp agency and ruin her. Stacy demands she get on her knees and rub her stocking thighs up and down to help her relieve some tension. Nina reluctantly complies, fearing for the future of her career. Stacy ups the ante and commands her to kiss her legs up and down.  Stacy tells Nina to get up and strip to help alleviate stress by giving her something to look at. Once Nina’s down to her stockings, panties and bra, Stacy crouches down to the ground and starts rubbing and kissing her legs. Then she tells Nina to undress her because she is too tired to do it herself. With Stacy now stripped down to her stockings, panties and bra, she orders her assistant to get down on the floor and worship her legs. Nina gets on all fours, sticking her hot ass out, and starts kissing up and down her beautiful stems. Once the boss grows tired of this, she sits down and uses kneeling Nina as a footrest for her high heels while the leg worship continues, digging her left heel into her assistants thigh. Stacy talks about how she lost her stress ball and needs a new one. Nina’s bulbous mounds will make a nice new set of stress balls for her. She stands behind Nina and unfastens her bra, then starts squeezing and cupping her tits. All this is making Nina uneasy but she does not want to risk her job. Next Stacy orders her to undress completely from the waste down and put on a pair of tan sheer pantyhose. She makes her watch while she changes into some black sheer pantyhose, then sits down and orders Nina get on her knees to massage her tits for her.  Stacy takes off her bra, exposing her firm and supple breasts and perky nipples. Stacy decides she wants to motivate Nina and give her a goal, so she lets her sit in her chair to see how good it feels to be the boss. Stacy gets on her knees and worships Nina’s legs, kissing and caressing them from foot to thigh. She plays with Nina’s tits some more and tries to manipulate her into feeling good about the whole scenario. Finally she tells Nina to get up and get dressed. They will have some more fun tomorrow. 72 minutes. Scene #FTPH0022

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