Nylon Obsession – Carli Banks and Celeste Star

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Nylon Obsession starring Carli Banks and Celeste Star
Innocent and beautiful blonde Carli has a crush on her gorgeous roommate Celeste. In Clip 1, Carli secretly watches as Celeste gets ready for work, putting on make-up, clothes, and silky tan pantyhose. As Celeste slides the nylons up her long, luscious legs, Carli starts to get hot and horny. As soon as Celeste leaves for work, Carli sneaks into her lusty roommates bedroom to find her stash of hose. She rubs the soft fabric sensuously over her cute little body until Celeste walks in and catches her. But Celeste is not angry. She is excited at the chance to teach Carli all about the many splendors of nylons. The two hotties grab an armful of silky hose and sexy shoes, strip down to their bras and Celeste models her tan, sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose for Carli. Then she helps Carli into a pair of sheer black nylons and hot pink pumps. Carli poses and shows off her long legs and sweet little ass for Celeste. The girls change into tall, stiletto-heeled boots and both stand up to model. This time as they are posing, they start to caress each others succulent, nylon-clad asses. The action is heating up, but Celeste decides they need to try on more hose before they get too side tracked. Celeste slips into shimmery, tan pantyhose and Carli puts on creamy white ones. In Clip 2, the hotties shed their bras and discover they cannot keep their hands off each others delicious tits and asses. As they caress each other through the nylon, they start kissing. As the passion becomes more feverish, Celeste starts licking Carlis sweet body all over. They lay back on the couch to caress each others tasty tits and pantyhose crotches with their stocking feet. Then they put those luscious feet in their mouths and suck on each others toes through the pantyhose. Celeste peels off Carli’s white nylons and puts her in sultry, sheer black hose. She stands behind Carli, kissing her soft body while she slips her hand inside Carli’s hose to rub her clit. Celeste spreads Carli out on the couch and cuts the crotch out of her hose so she can get at Carli’s wet, pink pussy. She licks and sucks Carli’s sweet little clit until Carli screams in orgasmic delight. In Clip 3, it is Carli’s turn to taste Celeste’s delicious cunt. She cuts open Celeste’s pantyhose and starts licking her clit with her quick little tongue. Super sensitive Celeste is cumming almost immediately! She straddles Carli’s face and Carli eats her tasty pussy until she is shaking with one melodic orgasm after another. Later, the girls get frisky on satin sheets in the bedroom. They intertwine their legs and press their wet pussies together, caressing each others delicious tits with their stocking feet. The pussy grinding makes them so hot, they pull out a huge, double-ended dildo and fuck each other with it. As they ride the monstrous dong, they rub each others swollen clits and succulent tits. They end their nylon-clad fuckfest with a long, passionate kiss. It is really hot! Scene #GG0006
MP4 640×480
Clip 1 is 21 minutes, Clip 2 is 24 minutes, Clip 3 is 21 minutes.  The photo set has 217 photos.

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