Nylon Mind Control 4 – Samantha Ryan and Karlie Montana


Nylon Mind Control 4 starring Samantha Ryan and Karlie Montana
Another great scene combining light mind control with nylon foot worship. These 3 stories have a bit more mind control and a bit less foot worship than some of the others in this series. In clip 1, Samantha has just moved into a new house and is thrilled when neighbor Karlie shows up to welcome her (wearing the shortest, tightest dress you can imagine). After some chatting, Samantha mentions that the necklace she’s wearing has trance-inducing powers. Karlie is skeptical so Samantha takes it off and starts swinging it back and forth in front of Karlie. Karlie tries to resist its powers but soon her eyes become glassy and she is in a deep trance. When Samantha asks her questions, Karlie replies in a monotone voice. Samantha then starts kissing her sexy neighbor. They kiss for a while then, Samantha orders Karlie to worship her feet. Karlie obeys, removes Samantha’s shoes and begins kissing and licking her nyloned feet. Samantha then worships Karlie’s feet then kisses her passionately. Throughout, Karlie is obedient and docile. Samantha tells her that she will snap her fingers and Karlie will come out of the trance and remember nothing. She snaps her fingers and Karlie picks up the conversation from just before she was in a trance. But, when she starts to leave, Samantha touches her hand, putting her back in the trance so they can kiss a bit more. With another snap of Sam’s fingers, Karlie is back to her old self and leaves. In clip 2, Karlie and Samantha are teachers at a college. Karlie complains of tired feet and asks for one of Sam’s famous foot rubs. Sam obliges. Karlie has an ulterior motive. She knows that, in the past, when Sam gave her foot rubs, Sam would go into a deep trance. But, as the massage continues, Karlie feels herself going into a trance. Samantha speaks to her in a soothing voice encouraging her to relax and enter a state of entrancement. Sam gets Karlie onto her lap and kisses her passionately. She orders Karlie to worship her feet and Karlie obeys. They kiss some more and Samantha makes Karlie say that she is Samantha’s foot slave forever. In clip 3, Samantha needs to hire a nanny so she interviews Karlie. Karlie has impressive credentials so Sam hires her. When Sam complains of a headache, Karlie gives her a vigorous foot massage. Sam objects, both because it’s not appropriate and because it hurts. But Karlie keeps doing it and, in a soothing voice, tells Samantha to relax…relax. Sam goes into a trance and Karlie worships her feet. The girls then kiss for a while. They go to the bedroom, take off their tops and make out for a while. Samantha remains calm and submissive through all of it. She worships Karlie’s feet and rubs them against her naked tits. About 2 minutes of outtakes are included with clip 3. Scene #STR0120
Clip 1 is 26 minutes. Clip 2 is 18 minutes. Clip 3 is 26 minutes. The photo set contains 131 photos. MP4 1280×640

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