Nylon Mind Control 3 – Karlie Montana and Samantha Ryan


Nylon Mind Control 3 starring Karlie Montana and Samantha Ryan
The girls look great and give fine performances in these 2 stories that combine foot worship with light mind control. In clip 1, Professor Montana visits Professor Ryan in her office. Karlie is suspicious because Samantha seems to be seeing a lot of one particular student. Samantha denies any inappropriate activity but she acts as if she is in a trance. Karlie realizes that Samantha has been entranced by the student. Samantha removes her shoes and puts them in Karlie’s lap. As Karlie rubs them, Samantha become more entranced. Karlie is enjoying the situation and she gets Samantha to make out with her. Then, she tells her to worship her feet. Glassy eyed, Samantha happily complies. Karlie then worships Samantha’s feet. When Samantha starts to come out of the trance, Karlie holds her face, kisses her and tells her to go to sleep. Samantha does as she is told and falls asleep. About 2 minutes of outtakes are included with clip 1. In clip 2, Karlie helps roommate Samantha rehearse for an acting audition. After running some lines, Samantha shyly mentions that the scene requires her to make out with a girl. Karlie happily agrees to help her and the girls passionately make out. Then Samantha says that part of the role requires her to be put into a trance. Karlie caresses Samanthas face and, speaking in a soothing voice, she entrances her friend. Karlie is thrilled that it worked and decides to have some fun. She orders Samantha to make out with her and the two girls kiss passionately. She then orders her to worship her feet and Samantha obeys. Karlie can not resist Samanthas feet so she worships them for a while. About 2 minutes of outtakes are included with clip 2. Scene #STR0119
Clip 1 is 42 minutes. Clip 2 is 42 minutes. The photo set contains 97 photos and contains photos from both clips. MP4 640×480.

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