Nylon Mind Control 2 – Samantha Ryan and Karlie Montana


Nylon Mind Control starring Samantha Ryan and Karlie Montana
More great scenes combining light mind control with foot worship. This one has a bit more mind control than some of the previous scenes in this series. In clip 1, roommates Karlie and Samantha hang out at home. Samantha offer to rub her friends tired stocking feet and Karlie happily accepts. When Karlie returns the favor, she finds that Samantha is becoming so relaxed from the foot massage that she goes into a trance-like state. Karlie questions Samantha and finds that Samantha has used foot worship to control past roommates. She begins kissing and licking Samantha’s feet sending Samantha into a deeper trance. With Samantha still under Karlie’s control, the girls make out and then worship each others feet. In clip 2, Karlie plays the stepmother of one of Professor Ryan’s university students. Karlie comes to see Samantha because she thinks she has been taking advantage of her daughter. Karlie caresses Samantha’s face, strokes her hair and speaks in a calm voice which relaxes Samantha so much she goes into a trance. Karlie questions Samantha and finds that she has been putting her step-daughter in a trance and playing with her feet. Karlie kisses the glassy-eyed Samantha and makes her worship her feet. She then kisses and licks Samantha’s sexy feet. The girls then make out some more. In clip 3, detective Karlie comes to see therapist Samantha to investigate rumors that Samantha is molesting her patients feet. Samantha caresses Karlie’s face and speaks to her in a calming voice. Karlie goes into a deep trance. Samantha makes out with Karlie then makes her worship her feet. After some more making out, Samantha worships Karlie’s feet. When she is questioned, Karlie admits that she is there to investigate Samantha. Samantha orders Karlie to call her boss and tell him that the rumors are not true. She then worships Karlie’s feet and makes out with her again. Scene #STR0118
Clip 1 is 38 minutes, clip 2 is 34 minutes and clip 3 is 30 minutes. The photo set contains 116 photos. MP4 1280×680.

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