Nylon Knock Out Fantasy – Ashley Lane and Danni Rivers



Nylon Knock Out Fantasy starring Ashley Lane and Danni Rivers
A fun, sexy clip for fans of chloroform, stockings and feet. Super spy Ashley is suspicious of massage therapist Danni. Last time she went for a massage, Ashley fell asleep and thinks Danni tried to question her. Ashley pours chloroform on her bare feet then on her stocking feet…then in her shoes. Meanwhile, Danni pours chloroform on a pillow on her massage table. Ashley comes in, gets undressed and lies on the table with her face on the pillow. She starts getting tired but chats a little with Danni. As Danni massages her, Ashley gets more and more tired. Her words slur, her eyes roll and she goes limp. It turns out Danni isn’t a spy. She’s just into Ashley’s feet and can’t resist them. She starts licking and kissing Ashley’s bare feet and, as she does, she becomes tired. She sniffs Ashley’s stockings and her eyes roll back. She staggers to a chair and goes limp. Ashley awakens and puts on her stockings. Danni starts to wake up and Ashley moves her onto the table. Ashley puts her stocking feet (soaked in chloroform) into Danni’s face. She questions the poor masseuse but Danni can only mumble that she doesn’t know anything. Danni’s eyes roll and she goes limp. 28 minutes. Scene #KOB0723

HD MP4 1920 x 1080 (1GB)

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