Nylon Knock Out Adventures – Diana Grace



Nylon Knock Out Adventures starring Diana Grace
Stunningly beautiful superheroine Diana Grace is repeatedly knocked out and groped by guest villain Tim Woodman! When Diana finds out that Tim’s hideout is nearby, she goes after him. But Tim sneaks up on her and chloroforms her. Diana is carried to a sofa. When she awakens and tries to apprehend Tim, he grabs her in a bearhug and squeezes till she passes out. Diana is stripped to her pantyhose and moans as Tim fondles her body. Diana and is then tied up and gagged with stockings. She escapes and puts her uniform back on before fleeing. Later, Tim sneaks up on Diana and gives her a shot in the ass. Diana tries to fight but collapses and is dragged into a bedroom. Tim gropes Diana a lot and chloroforms her each time she starts to wake up. He strips her to her pantyhose and enjoys her luscious body. Finally, he strips off her pantyhose and gives her a shot that makes her horny. Diana moans with pleasure as Tim continues to fondle her.  This is a really great scene! Diana looks incredible in her costume and shiny hose and she gives a thrilling performance. Tim is an excellent villain and the scene looks great! There are 2 sets of exciting outtakes. The regular outtakes clip has unused footage from the shoot including bloopers and uncut takes of some of the knock outs. The other outtakes clip contains footage that was shot with a second camera (by Jolene Hexx!)   So you’ll see some great alternate angles of some of the knock outs as well as nice foot shots of Diana while she’s being played with.  Be sure to select the clips and formats you want when ordering. The full scene is 45 minutes. The Outtakes are 14 minutes. Camera 2 Footage is 22 minutes. Scene #SHKO0045

Available in MP4 HD 1920 x 1080  and SD 640 x 360. There’s also a 4K version of the main scene.
Main Scene – HD (1.8GB)
Outtakes – HD (600MB)
Camera 2 – HD (800MB)

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