Nurses in Peril starring Nina Neon and Berlin


Nurses in Peril starring Berlin and Nina Neon
Nurses Berlin and Nina look quite sexy in their crisp white uniform dresses and hose. The girls are relaxing after work when an intruder knocks each girl out with chloroform. Then, they awaken bound on the bed. They struggle fiercely to free each other. The burglar forces Berlin to steal drugs from the hospital while he keeps Nina as a hostage. At his mercy, Nina is chloroformed again and stripped and fondled while unconscious. Berlin finally returns and the terrified girls are forced to chloroform each other. Later, they wake up bound with black tape, wearing only their pantyhose. They struggle to free themselves and whimper through their gags. Outtakes include more of the nurses getting chloroformed and the on camera tying of two naked models on a bed. Scene #KOTI0008
26 minutes. The outtakes are 18 minutes. The photo set contains 201 photos. MP4 640×480

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