Not So Super Spies – Stacy Burke and Tori Sinclair


Not So Super Spies starring Stacy Burke and Tori Sinclair
Two fetish legends together again! The girls have reunited for this thrilling story about 2 spies who are repeatedly knocked out by a clever villain. Actually, he is not that clever. The spies are just kind of foolish. Tori, in sexy leather pants sneaks into the home of her arch-nemesis Jack Banner. She confronts him but when she moves in to arrest him, he sprays her in the face with knock out gas. Toris eyes roll back and she passes out quickly. Jack takes the opportunity to fondle Tori’s curvy body and does not notice when Stacy, looking totally hot in leather pants, sneaks in. But, Stacy gets hit with the same spray and she too passes out. Jack fondles and gropes the two helpless spies, then leaves them. The girls are from rival spy agencies so, when they wake up, they are each pissed off to see the other there. After exchanging a few insults, they split up to find Jack. In the kitchen, Stacy gets hit over the head with a club and is dragged to the couch. Tori also gets knocked out with a blow to the head and she falls right next to Stacy. After some more fondling, Jack leaves the girls alone. Stacy awakens and decides to have some fun with her rival. She poses Tori in a suggestive position and wanders off. Jack is waiting with a blow gun and he shoots Stacy in the ass with a knock out dart. Stacys eyes roll and she passes out. Moments later, Tori meets the same fate and falls next to Stacy. Jack enjoys a bit more fondling then leaves. When they wake up, the girls go into a bedroom and find they are locked in. The room fills with knock out gas and the girls are quickly overcome by the fumes. They fall unconscious onto the bed. Jack decides to thoroughly humiliate the girls. When they wake up, they are on a bench in the park! The girls decide to put their rivalry aside and they return to the house to get their nemesis. Stacy confronts Jack and attempts to arrest him. But Tori sneaks up and sprays Stacy in the face with the knock out drug! Stacy falls unconscious on the couch. But Tori says she only did it to gain Jacks trust and she tries to arrest him. They fight over the spray bottle. Tori is sprayed and passes out. Jack does some fondling then takes off. Stacy awakens and, angry at Tori, she exposes Toris breasts and poses her. When Stacy goes to find Jack, he finds her first and shoots her in the tit with a dart gun. The drugged dart takes effect right away and Stacy falls to the bed. Tori enters and is also shot with a dart. The girls awaken and continue to search. Stacy is knocked out again with blows to the head. Needless to say, Tori ends up next to her a minute later when she too is struck with a club. Instead of groping them, Jack poses them and takes photos. The not-so-super spies awaken and decide to just get the hell out of there. But, before they can leave, the room fills with knock out gas. They quickly become sleepy and fall to the floor unconscious. They wake up some time later and rush out of the house. They reaffirm their friendship and their commitment to capture Jack. But, Stacy was lying and she sprays knock out gas into Tori’s face. Tori passes out and Stacy ties her to a chair in Jacks house. When Tori wakes up, Jack informs her that she will be his prisoner for a while. He holds a chloroform-soaked rag over her face and knocks her out. Scene #KOB0334

The scene is 54 minutes. The photo set contains 376 photos. MP4 640×480

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