Nosy Reporter – Jewell Marceau and Nina Neon


Nosy Reporter starring Jewell Marceau and Nina Neon
First, sexy reporter Jewell breaks into modeling scout Nina Neons house looking for dirt on her. She stumbles on some documents that reveal the truth behind Ninas operation – it is a front for an underground sex slave ring. But just as Jewell’s telling her boss over the phone, Nina shows up and puts a gun to her head. Nina then proceeds to tie up the nosy bitch, who resists and complains but ultimately finds herself bound and cleave gagged. Now that she is defenseless, Nina pops Jewell’s perfect tits out of her tank top and sucks on her nipples. After fondling and kissing Jewell all over, Nina finally leaves her in the living room writhing around on the floor while she goes to confer with her boss about what s to be done. While Ninas out, Jewell struggles against her bond for hours until the ropes finally become loose. Free at last, she makes herself decent again and finds Ninas gun. Nina returns and the tables are turned when Jewell puts the gun to her head. Then, Jewell gives Nina the same awful but extremely hot treatment. She ties her, cleave gags her and hikes up her top to grope her luscious melons. Then she makes a videotape of the incident and talks on camera about what Nina does with the models she recruits. While she is making the tape, one of Nina s clients breaks in. He ties Jewell and Nina together, standing totally nude with their tits pressed together and duct tape over their mouths. he is going to sell them both and keep the money for himself. The sight of their two luscious naked bodies rubbing against each other as they struggle is too hot to describe! Scene #BG0219
40 minutes. MP4 640×480

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