No Talking in Class – Charlotte Stokely and Star Nine


No Talking in Class starring Charlotte Stokely and Star Nine.
The girls give very fine performances in this cute comical clip, which has no nudity. The story is quite unusual (made as a custom) so we won’t even try to explain it in detail. But, here’s the idea: College student Charlotte is called into her teacher’s office. It seems Charlotte has been talking and misbehaving in class. And what happens to misbehaving girls at this school? Of course, they get wrapped in a sheet. Star wraps the willing Charlotte in a nice white sheet and then soaks a piece of cloth. Charlotte continues to talk the entire time, even after Star places the cloth over her mouth. But soon Charlotte becomes tired and, with much eye-rolling, goes to sleep. Charlotte sits motionless in her chair while Star soaks another cloth in a wake up serum. She applies it to Charlotte’s face and the energetic student awakens and starts talking again! Star applies the first cloth again but then pulls it away. She does this a few times before Charlotte goes to sleep. Charlotte is then awakened with the other cloth. Then, the whole thing is done one more time. Finally, Charlotte asks if Star would like to get some well-needed rest. Star agrees and stands calmly while Charlotte wraps the sheet around her and applies the cloth to her face. With her usual excellent eye work, Star goes to sleep. Shortly after, Charlotte wakes her up with the other cloth. Scene #KOB0602
The scene is 23 minutes. 1280×720.

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