No Escape for Charlie – Charlie Laine


No Escape for Charlie starring Charlie Laine and Mary Jane
Poor Charlie has been abducted. She is lying on a bare mattress securely bound with rope and gagged with a cloth pulled into her mouth. She wears jeans, a tight top and sneakers and she struggles hard to free herself. Evil Mary Jane enters and Charlie is terrified. Mary Jane does not want Charlie running off so she removes her sneakers and hogties her. Charlie continues to struggle hard. There are some nice shots of her cute bare feet. Eventually, she gets out of the hogtie and, with great difficulty, she hops to another room. But MJ catches her and forces her back to the bed. Charlie is ordered to strip naked. She pleads with her captor but she has no choice but to tearfully obey. Charlie is bound in a humiliating position with her legs apart. Her mouth is taped shut. MJ cruelly taunts Charlie and gropes her luscious tits as Charlie squirms and whimpers in fear. MJ leaves and Charlie is left there helpless and hopeless. In the fun outtakes, Charlie, nude, chats with the cameraman while Mary Jane ties her up. Scene #BG0477
18 minutes. The outtakes are 4.5 minutes. The photo set contains 95 photos. MP4 640×480

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