Never Trust a Friend – Ember Stone and Violet October



Never Trust a Friend starring Ember Stone and Violet October
The girls are both great in this fun, sexy chloroform clip. Violet asks her friend Ember to borrow some money to help her creepy boyfriend Donovan with his legal problems. When Ember refuses, Donovan gives Violet a cloth and a bottle. Violet soaks the cloth and pounces on Ember. There’s some good struggling but Ember’s eyes soon flutter and she passes out. Ember is one of the best sleepy actresses around and her eye work is always great. Donovan and Violet carry Ember to the bed and Violet leaves to raid Ember’s bank accounts. Left alone with Ember, Donovan can not control himself. He strips her naked and gropes her hot little body. When Violet returns, she’s pissed! Donovan calms her down by pressing the cloth to her face! She struggles hard but eventually slides down to the floor unconscious. On the bed next to her friend, Violet is stripped naked. When Donovan turns his attentions to Ember, Violet wakes up and sneaks away. Donovan catches her and pulls a cloth over her face. Violet fights a bit then slowly passes out. When Ember awakens, she tries to stagger away but Donovan catches her and chloroforms her from the front. They fall over onto the bed where Ember goes limp and is left there naked and vulnerable. A couple minutes of nice outtakes are included. Scene #KOB0649.

24 minutes. MP4 1920×1080.

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