Naked News – Nina Neon


Naked News starring Nina Neon
Nina endures constant humiliation and several cruel spankings in this hot story. In clip 1, Nina wakes up and strips out of her lacy nightie. She gets dressed in a sexy short skirt, tall black boots, and a tank top and goes off to a job interview for a reporter position. While she is waiting for the interview to begin, she removes her boots and smells her feet. She is offered the job, but the interviewer embarrasses her by mentioning her bare feet. On her way to her first day of work, a scuzzy hobo grabs her in the park and tears off her dress. She is only wearing her bra and panties when she shows up at the office. Her irate boss strips the last skimpy pieces of her clothing off and forces her to walk home naked. Nina returns to the office naked because she was locked out of her house. Her smug boss informs her she will have to work naked, then he pushes her over his knee and spanks her bare ass until it glows red. Her humiliated protests fall on merciless, deaf ears. In clip 2, Nina seeks help from a psychologist, but the scandalous bastard entrances her with a flashing light and commands her to strip once more. When she is naked and vulnerable, he takes her over his knee and spanks her for a very long time. Nina is back at work, confident and fully clothed. However, she cannot resist the urge to take off her high heels and smell her feet when she thinks no one is watching. She starts her newscast, unaware that the psychologist planted a post-hypnotic trigger word that causes her to take off all her clothes. She is embarrassed and aware of her humiliating actions, but she’s powerless to stop herself. She gets entirely naked and stands in front of the camera. Her boss punishes her with another cruel spanking, making her sweet ass burn and glow. However, her boss is a forgiving man and he offers her one more chance to do the newscast without stripping. Of course, everything goes horribly, nakedly wrong! Scene #SPNK0006

MP4 720×540
Clip 1 is 22 minutes, Clip 2 is 26 minutes.  The photo set has 105 photos.

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