My Two Toys – Nina Neon and Stacy Burke


My Two Toys starring Nina Neon and Stacy Burke
Nina thinks it has just been another rough day at work when she comes home, but she has no idea what she is in for. First, Nina comes home and calls her friend Stacy to talk about the creepy guy she saw at the mall. Afterwards, she strips and gets into the shower, completely unaware that the very same creep has snuck into her house. When she gets out, he grabs her and chloroforms her, then plays with her limp, naked body. He carries her into the living room and lays her on an armchair. Then, he continues to fondle her lifeless body. He tries dancing with her, then picks her up and cradles her in his arms for a while. Nina’s friend, Stacy, comes by the house and interrupts his special moment so he tackles her and chloroforms her too. As she starts to lose consciousness, he gropes her luscious tits through her tiny T-shirt. When she is entirely out, he pulls up her shirt and gropes her some more. Then, the creep continues to molest Stacy on the couch. Nina wakes up and has to be chloroformed again. He puts both girls on the chair together, posing them in sexy positions, making them caress each other. Later, Stacy comes to, very confused. He tackles and chloroforms Stacy once more, then strips her naked and poses her with Nina again. Then, he wakes Nina up just so he can chloroform her again. He gives Stacy the same treatment. He dresses the girls in sexy slips and stuffs them in the trunk of his car. This story features a very frightening performance by Garth, who does a great job as the hulking villain. Scene #KOB0153
52 minutes. MP4 640×480

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