My Sister Captured Me! – Janira, Izzy, Celeste


My Sister Captured Me! starring Janira Wolfe, Izzy Wolfe and Celeste Star.
Three hot girls and lots of great capture scenes make this an incredibly exciting clip. Real life sisters Janira and Izzy come to see family lawyer Celeste who tells them that their rich uncle left them a house. Janira is excited but Izzy is unimpressed and goes out for a walk. Celeste tells Janira a secret…her uncle had a valuable coin collection hidden in the house. If Janira can find it, she can keep it. But she doesn’t want Izzy to get in the way so she gives Janira a bottle and a rag. Janira is reluctant to subdue her sister that way but Celeste convinces her that it’s a good idea. When Izzy returns, Janira sneaks up on her and clasps the cloth over her face. Izzy fights hard and starts to get away but Celeste helps get her under control. With some great eye rolling, Izzy goes limp. Celeste and Janira drag her to the couch and Janira goes off to search for the coins. Left lone, Celeste can’t resist the limp Izzy. She fondles and kisses her and even bites her breasts. When she leaves, Izzy awakens and is shocked when she realizes what her sister did to her. Later, Janira opens a door and Izzy, cloth in hand, attacks her. She pushes Janira against a wall and uses the cloth on her. But then Celeste sneaks up on Izzy and uses a cloth to capture her! The girls wake up side by side on the sofa and are plenty pissed at each other. Janira soaks a cloth and presses it to her sister’s face. Izzy is stunned but manages to pull the cloth away and push it into Janira’s face! The girls push the cloth back and forth onto each other’s faces several times. Each time they get more and more tired. Finally, Janira manages to subdue her sister. But Celeste shows up and subdues the already tired Janira. She has the coins and doesn’t need the girls anymore. About 2 minutes of fun outtakes are included. Scene #KOB0607
The scene is 21 minutes. The MP4 is 1920×1080.

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