My New Chloroform Friend – Diana Grace and Jolene Hexx



My New Chloroform Friend starring Diana Grace and Jolene Hexx

The girls look incredible and do some great limp acting in this hot scene! In Clip 1, personal trainer Jolene can’t keep her hands of sexy client Diana. She’s particularly drawn to Diana’s belly. While Diana rides an exercise bike, Jolene soaks a cloth and sneaks up on her. Diana fights as Jolene chloroforms her. Her eyes roll back and she passes out. Diana is dragged to the sofa and her shoes are removed. Jolene gropes and plays with Diana’s luscious body, giving special attention to her belly. When Diana awakens, Jolene quickly knocks her out again and continues fondling her. When she wake up again, she’s a bit upset. But has to admit that she enjoyed it. The girls decide to go again. Jolene stands and waits. Diana sneaks up and chloroforms her then drags her to the sofa. She removes Jolene’s shoes and plays with her body. When Jolene awakens, Diana chloroforms her again. After more groping, Jolene wakes up and is ready for more. A few minutes of outtakes are included with Clip 1. In Clip 2, Jolene soaks a cloth and waits. Diana enters and Jolene chloroforms her. Diana is dragged to a recliner chair and her top is removed. Jolene plays with Diana, groping her body and licking her belly. The girls are having too much fun to stop. Jolene sits on the edge of the chair and, in a really hot scene, Diana chloroforms her and lays her on the chair and removes her top for more fondling. The girls then move to the bedroom. Diana stands in the doorway and Jolene sneaks up and chloroforms her. Diana is placed on the bed and Jolene pulls her pants off and gropes her. Diana wakes up and quietly grabs the cloth, which she jams into Jolene’s face. Semi-conscious, Jolene gets up and staggers away. Diana follows and applies the cloth to Jolene’s face a few more times. Once Jolene is unconscious on the bed, Diana fondles her. Then, she presses the cloth to her face and passes out with her face on Jolene’s belly. A few minutes of outtakes are included with Clip 2.  Clip 1 is 29 minutes. Clip 2 is 25 minutes. Scene #KOB0759

HD MP4 1920×1080

Clip 1 – 835MB

Clip 2 – 848MB

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