My Hot Lesbian Kidnapper – Tiffany Taylor and Simone

My Hot Lesbian Kidnapper starring Tiffany Taylor and Simone
A hot scene combining knock outs with hardcore girl on girl action! Tiffany is exercising at home in a skimpy thong leotard. There are plenty of shots of her ultra-hot body and tight little ass. Simone and Steve burst into the room and chloroform Tiffany. Her big blue eyes roll up into her head as she falls, limp and helpless, into her captors arms. Steve carries her away. Tiffany awakens, terrified on the floor of the kidnappers bathroom. Simone enters and knocks Tiffany out again with chloroform.  Steve carries Tiffany to the couch where he and Simone molest her limp body, squeezing and licking her perfect tits. They strip her naked and Simone rubs a vibrator against her exposed, pink pussy. Tiffany is aroused into a state of semi-consciousness, and she moans with pleasure and has an explosive orgasm. Then, back stabbing Steve sneaks up behind Simone and pounces on her with a chloroform-soaked cloth. When Simone passes out, Steve strips her naked and coerces Tiffany into a little lusty lesbian revenge. Although Tiffany seems naive and reluctant at first, she really get into it. She licks and fingers Simones wet pussy until she wakes up and cums hard. Steve immediately knocks Tiffany out with a brutal hit to the head and he and Simone carry her back to the bathroom. The outtakes feature amusing bloopers and extended footage not used in the video. Scene #KOB0280

33 minutes. The outtakes are 5 minutes. The photo set contains 146 photos. MP4 640×480

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