My Best Friend Drugged Me! – Charlie Laine, Sinn Sage and Tatiana


My Best Friend Drugged Me! starring Charlie Laine, Sinn Sage and Tatiana

The 3 college girls chat in the living room in cute casual clothes. Sinn gets her friends a drink and then goes to take a bath. While she is out of the room, the other girls read Sinn’s diary, only to discover that she has deviant fantasies about them. The girls realize they have been drugged! They start to feel very tired. They attempt to escape but they are too tired to walk and they fall to the floor. Sinn returns and taunts her friends as they slip into unconsciousness. After the girls pass out, Sinn undresses them and fondles their hot little bodies. She then takes off her own clothes to sit between the lifeless girls and manipulates their hands to caress her tits and stroke her skin. When her victims awaken, they find themselves tied up and they whimper and moan as they are now at the mercy of Sinn. Sinn’s performance is awesome and the scene is super hot! Scene #KOB0103

17 minutes. The Photo Set contains 59 photos. MP4 640×480

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