Models Make Out – Isobel Wren and Mary Jane Green


Models Make Out starring Isobel Wren and Mary Jane Green
Beautiful, classy Isobel is doing a lingerie photo shot along with Mary Jane. When the photographer tries to get the girls to make out, Isobel gets really pissed off and refuses. After the shoot, Mary Jane clobbers Isobel over the head with a club, knocking her unconscious. It seems Isobel will be doing a lesbian scene with MJ after all. Mary Jane begins making out with Isobel’s limp, lifeless body. With great difficulty, she manipulates her, removes her bra and tries to make her look as hot as possible while her arms and legs flop about all over the place. When Isobel wakes up, another blow to the head knocks her out again. Scene #KOB0294
10 minutes. MP4 640×480

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