Missing File – Charlie Laine and Darby


Missing File starring Darby and Charlie Laine
Sexy business executive Charlie is busily working in her office when business rival Darby pays her a visit. Darby douses a cloth in chloroform, sneaks into the office and knocks Charlie out right in her chair. Darby begins looking for the file she wants to steal but Charlie wakes up and tries to walk away. Darby attacks and places the cloth over Charlie’s face from the front. Charlie is soon back in her chair unconscious but Darby still can’t find the file. While she waits for it to be delivered, she decides to play with Charlie. She peels off Charlie’s gray business suit and white bra and panties. Before Darby can have any fun, Charlie awakens and has to be chloroformed again! Darby then bends Charlie over a desk and plays with her lovely smooth ass. When Darby finally gets the file, she leaves Charlie naked and unconscious in her office chair. Scene #KOB0256
16.5 minutes. The photo set contains 92 photos. MP4 640×480

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