Mind Control 4 – Stacy Burke and Charlie Laine


Mind Control 4 starring Stacy Burke and Charlie Laine
Two of our most popular models of all time star in this outrageous and sometimes bizarre story. In Clip 1, Stacy and Charlie want to market a new relaxation product invented by scientist Dick Darkly. The girls look totally cute in short skirts, blouses, stockings and heels. When Dick unveils the product, it entrances the two businesswomen. As they look at it, it displays a hypnotic image. First it puts them to sleep and then into a deep trance. Once the girls are under his control, Dick orders them to strip down to their underwear and stockings. Charlie is commanded to pose Stacy like a mannequin. She moves Stacy into several positions. Then, Stacy is compelled to do the same to Charlie. They are ordered to become robots and Dick controls them with a remote. The girls walk around stiffly like machines. Charlie is commanded to become a wind-up toy and Stacy is the toymaker. Stacy winds Charlie up and Charlie moves around like an automated doll. The mad genius then orders the girls to become puppets. They sit lifelessly on the couch while Dick ties ropes to their wrists and ankles. In an outrageous scene, Dick stands above the girls and controls their limbs with the ropes like they are marionettes. It gets even weirder! Charlie is compelled to become a cow and Stacy milks her by pulling on her tits. In Clip 2, the barnyard impressions continue as the girls are commanded to become sheep, then chickens! Next, Charlie becomes a dog and Stacy leads her around on a leash. Charlie looks extremely cute as she sits up, sticks out her tongue and begs like a puppy. Stacy is made to believe she is a horse. She gets down on all fours and Charlie rides around on her back, smacking her with a riding crop. Next, Stacy is told to become a hypnotist and Charlie is her patient. Although they are already mesmerized, Stacy pretends to entrance Charlie(?!). Stacy commands Charlie to think she is a cat. Charlie transforms into a very nasty cat, hissing and scratching at Stacy. For their next scenario, Charlie is a blow up sex doll (complete with widely open mouth). Stacy inflates Charlie and then becomes a man (wearing a strap-on cock) and pretends to hump the doll. Charlie is ordered to wear the strap-on and become a horny man trying to pick up Stacy at a bar. Charlie is incredible playing a macho guy with her fake penis hanging down. She then pretends to fuck Stacy doggie style. Dick commands the girls to become women again and to model sexily for him. They do some posing followed by some hot making out at Dicks urging. Of course, when he has had his fill of humiliating the girls, he orders them to get dressed. He then brings them out of the trance and they leave, having no idea that anything has happened. Scene #STR0083
Clip 1 is 24 minutes, clip 2 is 31 minutes. The photo set has 181 photos.

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