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Midnight Possession starring Alicia Alighatti

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Midnight Possession starring Alicia Alighatti
Alicia’s looking through some old boxes when she comes across a tiny figurine. She puts it on her bedside table and changes into a silky pink nightgown. As she sleeps, the possessed doll takes control of her mind. Alicia is violently compelled out of bed. She rushes to the fireplace mantle, where she ceremoniously lights wicked red candles and does a sexy, serpentine trance-dance. As she undulates, she starts to remove her nightgown, exposing her sweet tits and pussy. Then, the doll continues to control her mind and actions, and next it compels her to eat anything in the kitchen she can get her hands on. As she crams fistfuls of snacks into her mouth, the crumbs cascade over her succulent flesh and onto the linoleum tile. Soon, the doll realizes how lovely it is to possess such a hot, young body. Alicia is compelled to rub and caress herself all over, moaning softly as she does it. But the spirit of the figurine is insatiable, and soon Alicia finds herself running naked in the park, searching for a man of flesh and blood to quench her raging sexual desires. As she lavishes her hot and horny attention on some guy on a park bench, she knocks the doll over and breaks the spell. Confused and humiliated, she runs home naked. Scene #STR0002
14 minutes. The photo set contains 185 photos. MP4 640×480

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