Mesmerized in Hose – Samantha Ryan and Angie Savage


Mesmerized in Hose starring Samantha Ryan and Angie Savage
In Clip 1, Busty Angie goes to see Samantha about a job selling cosmetics. Angie happily submits to a relaxation exercise in which Samantha holds a flashing light in front of her eyes. Using her soothing voice, Samantha puts Angie in a trance. Angie is commanded to kneel and worship Samantha‚Äôs shapely, nylon-clad feet. She passionately kisses, licks and sucks them. She even pulls up her shirt and rubs the soles against her tender tits. Samantha rubs Angie’s pantyhose crotch with her foot. In Clip 2, Samantha kisses and sucks on Angies tasty toes and soles. The girls strip to just their pantyhose and they make out, kissing and caressing each other intensely. They get dressed and Angie is brought out of the trance, but, she is told that she will become Samanthas slave again if she ever hears a trigger word. Scene #FTSF0134

Clip 1 is 15 minutes, Clip 2 is 14 minutes. 720×480.

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