Menage-a-Cloth – Charlotte Stokely, Star Nine



Menage-a-Cloth starring Charlotte Stokely and Star Nine
The two stunning actresses are joined by ProVillain Tim Woodman in this incredibly erotic clip. Star and Charlotte hang out at home in sexy lingerie. After some kissing, Star mentions putting Charlotte to sleep for a sexual encounter. And, she wants to invite her friend Tim to chloroform her. Charlotte is reluctant but agrees. When Tim arrives, he soaks a cloth and Star tells Charlotte to stay calm and breathe. Tim clasps the cloth over Charlotte’s face. She struggles a bit but then gives in to the fumes. With Star fondling her breasts, Charlotte’s eyes roll back and she passes out. Tim places her on a small table and Star gets right into playing with her. She caresses her and licks her skin while Tim gropes her tits. When Charlotte partially wakes up, they sit her up and Star kisses her while her eyes flutter. Tim soaks another cloth and applies it to Charlotte’s face. Her eyes roll back and she passes out. She’s laid back on the table and Star continues to enjoy her body. 16 minutes. Scene #KOB0695 MP4 1920×1080

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