Mary Jane Green Knocked Out Collection


Mary Jane Green Knocked Out Collection
An assortment of clips and photos featuring one of our hottest models knocked out! You’ll get:

KOB0001 Winners and Losers starring Mary Jane Green and Allison Whyte
It is Mary Janes luckiest day! And her worst! She has just won the lottery and the news of her victory causes her to faint, twice. While she is out, her greedy, lascivious roommate Allison steals her lottery ticket, strips her naked, and takes lewd blackmail pictures of her touching herself. When she is done with that she calls her friend Steve to carry Mary Jane into the bedroom. Allison manipulates her limp limbs and then gets naked herself for a little girl-on-girl make-out session. It is really hot, even though Mary Jane is unconscious and non-responsive! While she is distracted with Mary Jane’s gorgeous flesh, Steve steals the lottery ticket and threatens both girls with a gun, causing them to pass out! The scene is 12 minutes. The photo set contains 69 photos.

KOB0068 Smoked Out
Mary Jane is a dominatrix, looking incredibly hot in lacy lingerie and stockings. She attempts to dominate her off screen client, unaware that the guy has placed a powerful sedative in her cigarette. As Mary Jane puffs away and inhales the drug she becomes more and more tired. She makes a lame attempt to continue her domination, but her words become slurred, her eyes roll back and she passes out. There are some great close up shots of Mary Jane’s fluttering eyes. The client pulls off Mary Jane’s bra and leaves her there unconscious. The scene is 7 minutes. The photo set contains 64 photos.

KOB0069 Cuffed, Chloroformed, and Caressed
Beautiful Mary Jane is sleeping comfortably in her bed, wearing cute panties and a t-shirt, when an intruder sneaks in. Without waking MJ the guy cuffs both of her wrists to the bed frame. He then pounces on her clasping a chloroformed soaked rag over her face. Mary Jane wakes up and struggles as hard as she can. Her helpless eyes flutter and roll as she slips into unconsciousness. The guy then strips Mary Jane and sensuously caresses her ivory skin. The scene is 7 minutes. The photo set contains 61 photos.

KOB0162 Sleepy Afternoon
Mary Jane is relaxing at home in a silky white blouse, nylons, high heels, and a skirt with a sexy slit that goes up to her waist. An intruder leaps out from her kitchen and chloroforms her. She resists but is no match for the muscley brute. Her huge eyes flutter and roll up before she falls to the floor unconscious. The intruder drags her body to the couch and strips her almost naked before fondling her soft, creamy flesh. She wakes up and gets immediately chloroformed again.
The scene is 5 minutes. The photo set contains 46 photos.

KOB0174 Job Interview Knock Out
Curvy brunette Mary Jane is applying for a new job. She looks great in a short skirt outfit with boots. The sleazy interviewer gets her a drugged glass of water and she drinks it unsuspectingly. She struggles to remain conscious, but so potent is the drug that she does not even realize the interviewer is not answering her questions. She falls asleep in her chair, leaving the pervert to eye her lithe body up and down…The scene is 4.5 minutes. The photo set has 15 photos.

KOB0175 Fainting on the Job
In a business skirt outfit with heeled boots, secretary Mary Jane is called into the boss’s office. He gives her some bad news, followed by good news, then bad… Each of the three times she hears some news, MJ faints. The boss takes advantage of the situation by pulling up Mary Jane’s skirt, opening her blouse, posing her and taking photos. The scene is 7 minutes. The photo set has 36 photos.

KOB0242 Trouble Breathing
Dark-haired beauty Mary Jane makes herself a cup of tea and foolishly neglects to turn the gas off on the stove. As she sits reading a magazine, the treacherous fumes invade her lungs and cause her to yawn uncontrollably. She becomes very drowsy and has trouble concentrating. Unable to focus on her magazine and barely able to move her heavy limbs, she struggles to her feet and staggers around the living room. When her attempts to walk prove ineffective, she falls to the floor and crawls into the kitchen. Will she make it to the stove in time?! The scene is 7 minutes.

KOB0243 The Danger with Fainting
Beautiful Mary Jane is lounging on the couch in jeans, a low-cut top, and boots. A suspicious noise from the closet draws her away from her magazine. When she investigates, she sees something in the closet that scares her so much she faints instantly, falling helplessly to the floor. After a few minutes, she awakens, baffled about why she fainted. When a friend calls and tells her there is a killer on the loose in her neighborhood, she faints again! The scene is 4 minutes. The photo set contains 34 photos.

KOB0244 My Fainting Girlfriend
Gorgeous pin-up doll Mary Jane is rather sensitive to bad news. She walks into the living room in an adorable satin dress and faints instantly when she thinks her boyfriend is going to break up with her. She looks really hot, splayed out on the couch with her short dress riding up to expose her long, silky legs, sheer pantyhose, and sexy black pumps. When she comes to, her boyfriend tells her some amazingly good news, causing her to faint once more. While she is out, he pulls up her dress and poses her hands so she is touching herself. This time, when she comes around, she is so shocked by his perverse actions that she faints once more! The scene is 5 minutes. The photo set contains 26 photos.

KOB0245 Tossing and Turning
Fair-skinned beauty Mary Jane is ready for a good nights sleep. Wearing a sheer green vintage nightgown, she lays down on top of her covers and falls instantly asleep. While she slumbers, she rolls around on the bed, showing off her long, gorgeous legs and soft bare feet. Eventually, her nightie creeps up around her waist, exposing her succulent ass and pussy through her totally sheer panties. Then it creeps up higher, exposing her delicious tits. Mary Jane continues to toss and turn, looking so sweet and helpless in her half-naked sleep state. The scene is 9 minutes. The photo set contains 29 photos.

KOB0246 Light Sleep
Mary Jane lies on her bed wearing a creamy satin camisole and totally sheer panties. She tosses and turns quite a bit as she sleeps, causing her short nightie to slip up around her waist, exposing her gorgeous ass and pussy through the panties. At some point in her turbulent sleep, she pulls down the camisole to expose her luscious tits as well. This scene is great for fans of adorable, sleeping girls in sexy sheer nighties! The scene is 6 minutes. The photo set contains 16 photos.

73 total minutes of 640×480 video, 396 photos. Collection #PKKOB0018

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