Malicious Intent: The Sequel – Eva Long, Jolene Hexx, Lola Anderson



Malicious Intent: The Sequel starring Eva Long, Jolene Hexx and Lola Anderson
The story from Malicious Intent continues! In our last episode, Jolene had bound and gagged poor Eva. She accused Eva of stealing her boyfriend and she terrorized her. When the police came, Jolene fled the scene.  In Clip 1, Eva, still terrified, is staying with her step-sister Lola. Everything seems fine until Jolene suddenly appears and chloroforms Eva! Eva awakens, standing in a doorway, securely bound and gagged.  Jolene enters and menaces Eva with a knife before revealing that Lola is also bound and gagged!  While the 2 helpless victims whimper helplessly, Jolene terrorizes Lola. She puts her hands between Lola’s legs and brings her to a humiliating orgasm. But, there’s a twist in the story and Lola ends up joining Jolene in tormenting Eva. Eva is tied to the bed and Lola and Jolene grope and threaten her. Jolene uses her hand to stimulate Eva, making her cum hard. In Clip 2, Jolene and Lola go to the living room and talk about what they plan to do too Eva.  But, when Jolene lets her guard down, Lola chloroforms her, taunting her while she passes out.  Jolene awakens bound and gagged and must endure humiliating fondling and insults by Lola. But there’s one more twist! Eva has escaped and she knocks Lola out. Jolene watches helplessly and is then chloroformed herself by the vindictive Eva. Lola and Jolene wake up bound and gagged. Revenge is sweet as Eva taunts the helpless girls. She sticks a note for her boyfriend on Jolene’s chest and leaves the girls struggling.  The Outtakes include alternate takes of the chloroforms scenes, plenty of bondage and footage of the models joking around. The Special Edit clip contains just the knock out parts of the story…all the chloroforming and the parts where they first wake up.

Both the sequel and the original scene were shot as custom videos for one customer. He likes movies (Malicious Intent was based on a scene from a mainstream movie) so we shot this scene in an interesting cinematic style. It looks a little like it was shot on film. And the girls all give excellent performances!   Scene #KOTI0234

MP4 HD 1920×1080

Full Scene – 43 minutes HD 1.8GB
Clip 1 – 25 minutes HD 1GB
Clip 2 – 18 minutes HD 778MB
Outtakes – 11 minutes  HD  749MB
Special Edit – 8 minutes  HD 640MB


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