Malicious Intent – Eva Long and Jolene Hexx



Malicious Intent starring Eva Long and Jolene Hexx
Eva and Jolene are excellent in this suspenseful clip! Eva wakes up bound spread out on a bed, her mouth tightly gagged. She struggles hard and is terrified when Jolene appears, carrying a knife. Jolene, angry about Eva stealing her boyfriend, straddles her helpless captive and menaces her with the knife. She cuts the buttons off Eva’s shirt and cruelly gropes her breasts. She continues to terrorize Eva, telling her what kinds of things she wants to do to her, both erotic and malicious. She stimulates Eva, bringing her to an intense orgasm. Jolene tells Eva it’s time to finish her off and raises the knife. What will happen to Eva?! 16.5 minutes. Scene #BG0840

Available in HD MP4 1920×1080 655MB

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