Maid to Suffer – Stacy Burke


Maid to Suffer starring Stacy Burke
Stacy is an awesome bondage model and she gives a great performance in this outrageous scene. She stars as a maid who can not keep her employer happy. Stacy looks hot in a sexy black and white maid uniform and is confronted by her surly boss about her stealing. Not wanting the police involved, Stacy agrees to be placed into tight bondage. Her wrists are bound to a spreader bar and additional ropes secure her upper body and knees. Stacy is then forced to clean the house while bound. It is very difficult but she manages to do her best. Stacy is seated on the hard floor with her wrists, ankles, knees and chest bound. After some struggling, a spandex hood is placed over her head, followed by a big, frightening harness gag! The cruel boss allows her to struggle for a while before putting her inside a large cloth bag and leaving her for the night. Then things get even more degrading. Stacy is thoroughly bound and has several sponges tied to her chest and ass. A sponge is even tied to her face, gagging her. Stacy is then ordered to clean the bathroom. She uses the sponges to scrub the sink and the bathtub. It is not easy! The guy is still not happy. Stacy is on her knees, tightly bound, ball gagged. She is forced to balance a book on her head. Later, she is bound lying on her back with clamps pinching her sensitive nipples. She is forced to keep her legs in the air or face further punishment. Stacy is forced to strip to just her panties, garters and hose. She is bound to a chair and a buzzing vibrator is tied against her crotch. With a computer in front to her, she is ordered to have a conversation with a friend through a webcam. She must not allow the friend to know that she is bound and on the verge of an intense forced orgasm. Later, Stacy is ordered to remove her panties and gag herself with them. A weird mask is placed over her face and she is pushed out the door. The very entertaining outtakes include shots of Stacy being placed in her complex bondage by Loren Chance. Scene #BG0432
The scene is 53 minutes. The outtakes are 24 minutes. MP4 640×480. The photo set has 176 photos.

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