Maid to Pass Out – Bianca Pureheart and Isabella Blue


Maid to Pass Out starring Bianca Pureheart and Isabella Blue
Steve is hot for beautiful housekeeper Bianca . While his wife Isabella is out, Steve chloroforms Bianca, strips her and fondles her luscious limp body. Isabella comes home and Steve has to drag the unconscious Bianca around so that Isabella does not see her. It is very funny and Bianca looks great. When Isabella discovers what is happening, Steve chloroforms her too. When Bianca wakes up, she is knocked out with a karate chop. Steve has fun posing the girls in suggestive positions. When they wake up, the angry Bianca chloroforms Isabella and runs away leaving Steve to enjoy his wife’s unconsciousness. Scene #KOB0384
19 minutes. The photo set contains 216 photos. MP4 640×480

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