Magician’s Assistant – Jenni Lee


Magician’s Assistant starring Jenni Lee
Tasty Jenni, looking lovely in leather mini-skirt, tight top and heels, applies for a job as a magicians assistant. But the magician, Dr. Miracolo, is a very mysterious character. He tells Jenni that he is able to put people in trances and gives her a demonstration of his work. Using a flashing light and talking to her in a commanding voice, he puts Jenni in a trance. While Jenni is entranced, Dr. Miracolo gives Jenni some trigger words that will put her in a trance and take her out of it. Each time Jenni is given a command, she responds I hear you master and I obey. First, Miracolo orders Jenni to do simple things such as walk up and down some stairs like a zombie. Then, she is compelled to dance sensuously and strip, first to her underwear, then nude. Several times, when Jenni is posing nude, Miracolo wakes her from the trance and she is horribly embarrassed before he puts her back into the trance. commands her to do all kinds of unusual things. Jenni is commanded to put on a slutty dress and dance like a stripper. She is then made to dress in hot lingerie and Miracolo fondles her luscious body. While still in lingerie, Jenni is made to think she is a bee and she zips around the room, buzzing. When Miracolo wakes her, she is horrified until he snaps her back into the trance. Jenni is made to believe she is in a theater watching a scary movie…then a porno movie. She becomes very aroused and touches her body as she watches. Then, Miracolo tells her she is bound and gagged and Jenni, though not really tied, struggles and moans on the floor. Jenni strips naked at Miracolo’s command and stands still while he fondles her. Jenni dresses in a leotard, her costume for Miracolo’s show. He inflicts pain on Jennis body using a wrench and a large knife but Jenni feels nothing. After ordering her to get dressed and to wake up, Miracolo sends Jenni home. But, that night, her phone rings and Miracolo says the trigger word that puts Jenni back in a trance. She returns to the theater where he is doing his show. There, he orders Jenni to place her hand over a fire and she does so without being hurt. Jenni is one of the best fetish actresses ever and her performance in this story is great. She looks totally hot, too. Scene #STR0093
MP4 640×480
Sold as a Package! You’ll get a 48 minute video clip and 164 photos.

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