Madman’s Captive – Star


Madman’s Captive starring Star

Star couldn’t be more beautiful and gives a fine performance in this exciting scene. She’s a social worker checking up on delusional patient Tim. Tim becomes belligerent so Star tries to leave. But, on the back porch, Tim grabs her and chloroforms her. He drags her back inside. Star wakes up in the bathroom, tightly bound. She looks incredible in her short skirt, white blouse, nylons and heels. Tim enters and Star tries to reason with him. He stuffs a rag in her mouth and tapes her up. Left alone, Star struggles, moving around the room and looking for a way out. She removes her shoes but can’t even get her feet loose. Tim returns and Star looks on in terror as he soaks a cloth in chloroform. He applies the cloth over her gag. Star fights as much as she can but the drug takes effect and she passes out. About 2 minutes of outtakes are included. Scene #KOTI0220
16 minutes. HD 1280×680

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