Losing the Lottery – Sinn Sage and Miko Sinz


Losing the Lottery starring Sinn Sage and Miko Sinz
Sinn and Miko are very happy. They bought a lottery ticket together and they won! But the girls get greedy. Each girl drugs the others drink! They both become very tired. They try to stay awake but it becomes more and more difficult as the drugs take effect. They realize what has happened and try to physically assault each other but they are too weak to fight. They both pass out. Sinn wakes up and decides to humiliate her friend. She strips her naked and gropes her luscious body. She plans to leave with the lottery ticket but the drug kicks in again and she falls asleep next to her friend. A minute of fun outtakes is included with the scene. Scene #KOB0491
16 minutes. MP4 HD 1280×640

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