Lonely and Vulnerable – Charlotte Stokely


Lonely and Vulnerable starring Charlotte Stokely
Charlotte is a naive new girl in town who has foolishly gone on a date with a creep she met, Danny. Blind to Dannys suspicious behavior, Charlotte drinks some water that has been laced with a potent sedative. Soon after, she becomes sleepy and passes out on the couch. When she wakes up, Charlotte finds herself totally naked, her entire body bound with leather straps. Danny shows up and silences her with a red ball gag. He ignores her cries and cruelly molests her, sucking her tits and rubbing her ass as much as he pleases. He informs Charlotte that he plans to sell her as a slave to a wealthy buyer. Later, Charlotte finds herself bound on a bed, still naked, in the basement of the man who purchased her. She now has her face fitted with a leather harness gag and her torso and arms bound with leather straps, including a crotch strap. Her legs bound with shiny black tape. Danny shows up and torments Charlotte some more, groping and licking her while she whimpers beneath her gag. Danny leaves and the new owner approaches Charlotte. The outtakes include two interviews with captivating Charlotte while she is being bound by bondage expert Loren Chance. Eventually, she is gagged and the interviewing stops. Scene #BG0417

16 minutes. The outtakes are 7 minutes. MP4 640×480

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